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Category: Case Results

Case DISMISSED for a Prison Detention Officer Alleged to Have Used Excessive Force…

Aug 20, 2016
Case DISMISSED for a prison detention officer alleged to have used excessive force upon an inmate. The prison officer only used proper techniques learned through his training. Furthermore, the inmate...

Trafficking in Drugs charges DISMISSED after a Motion to Suppress was Granted

Aug 20, 2016
Officers determined to have no reasonable articulable suspicion and a Motion to Suppress was Granted by the Superior Court of Cherokee County. The Defendant was driving with friends at night...

$300,000.00 Obtained for a Victim of a Motor Vehicle Collision

Aug 20, 2016
Client was involved in an unfortunate motor vehicle collision and left severely injured. The Client had to undergo several medical procedures following this incident in order to return to a...

Gwinnett Jury Awards $3.7M in Car Wreck Case

Dec 3, 2015
Mr. Smalls was driving his daughter to school on the morning of January 19, 2012.  Mr. Smalls was a 47 year-old husband, father of four, and working full-time as an...

$125,000.00 Settlement (Maximum Combined Liability Coverage)

Feb 3, 2014
Client was involved in two motor vehicle collisions within 8 days of each other.  Diagnostic imaging revealed a bulging disc at C6-C7 with spinal canal compression.  Client received epidural steroid...

Policy Limits Obtained Despite Hit & Run Driver Never Found

Nov 20, 2013
Policy limits settlement obtained for injured Client who was a victim of a hit and run motor vehicle collision. Unknown driver struck Client’s driver-side forcing Client to crash into a...

$50,000.00 Settlement for Cut-Off Motorcyclist

Oct 22, 2013
$50,000.00 (total available insurance) for motorcyclist who was cut off by a driver who missed their exit. Client lost control of his motorcycle and slid across the pavement.

$90,000 Settlement for Defective Handrail

Oct 22, 2013
$90,000.00 settlement (3 times the medical expenses) obtained for a Client who dislocated and broke her ankle while walking down the stairs of her daughter’s apartment. The stairs had a...
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