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Month: October 2013

$50,000.00 Settlement for Cut-Off Motorcyclist

Oct 22, 2013
$50,000.00 (total available insurance) for motorcyclist who was cut off by a driver who missed their exit. Client lost control of his motorcycle and slid across the pavement.

$90,000 Settlement for Defective Handrail

Oct 22, 2013
$90,000.00 settlement (3 times the medical expenses) obtained for a Client who dislocated and broke her ankle while walking down the stairs of her daughter’s apartment. The stairs had a...

16-8-41 Armed Robbery

Oct 11, 2013
16-8-41. Armed Robbery (a) A person commits the offense of armed robbery when, with intent to commit theft, he or she takes property of another from the person or the...
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