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Texting While Driving

Georgia Law on Texting and Driving - From a Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Perspective

Many people driving on the road today use cellular telephones. You don't need statistics or facts or data to arrive at that observation-based conclusion. Many people who have cellular phones with them while driving also send/receive text messages, email, or use their phones for directions or music, despite Georgia law that prohibits such active use. It is difficult to catch someone "in-the-act" of texting while driving; however, if you try hard enough, you will find...
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Similar Transactions – Prior Crime = Current Conviction?

One of the most infuriating things from a defense perspective in all of criminal law in Georgia (and other states) is the use of what’s called ‘similar transaction’ evidence. Basically, this type of evidence allows the State to introduce at trial evidence of other crimes that the defendant is not on trial for in order to help prove the defendant’s guilt for the crime for which he is on trial for. Here’s how it works. Similar transaction evidence is admissible to show “motive, intent, plan, bent of mind, [identity] or course of conduct.” Amica v. State, A10A1340 (Ga.App. 11-19-2010). In...
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